Based in Northern California, the fourth watch is a blog written by Tiffany filbert. Her posts are shared in the hope of heLping others to break the chains of shame, sickness and sorrow that keep them from confidently coming into the calling of the life god has waiting for them. there is freedom on the other side of sharing your story. There is restoration waiting in the surrendering.


My soul was silently screaming as sickness sang it into a deep slumber. My heart was without a steady beat. My mind was weak although my body gave the impression of strength. I was drifitng in and out of slumber without a steady pump of oxygen that allowed me to win the war in my mind. I keep existing day by day until I came to a stone along the path. I tripped violently to the ground and as I fell I heard His voice say, “Revival”.

What a beautiful word that one He whispered. It is the awakening and/or strengthening of something or someone, the regaining of life. Better yet, the reclaiming of one’s life. A revival can create momentum so massive it can move mountains. Revival is what I desired deep within my cold and hard heart.

What about you dear friend? As you look within, what condition do you find your heart to be in? Is your soul in a slumber so deep it no longer speaks? Is your mind constantly losing the battle because it is to weak to wage war? Do you need to be awakened, strengthen, brought back to life?

A revival cannot happen out THERE until you allow Him to ignite a revival in HERE
— Ryan Allen

A shifting has been happening in my heart, in my soul and in my mind. How special and precious this time has been. The Creator of All has been training me personally, running me through practice so that I would build endurance for the great plan He has for me. He has anointed me and bestowed His spirit upon me. He has opened the eyes of my ears to the purpose of my story - the reason for all the seasons. His grace guides me now as I answer His call to use the gifts He’s given me to help free those held captive, heal those who are sick and drive darkness back to the dungeons where it belongs.

Glory to God for this exact moment - this peace, this place, His presence. Have you been here friend? Do you know this peace? The peace that can only be described as a long, full exhale. It’s clean, full and warm all in one. Are you familiar with this place? It is one that allows you to see and be seen in every direction and angle accepted exactly as you are. Have you basked in His presence? Have you stretched your arms up and out as your expose your heart in full surrender. How good our God is. This peace offers the freedom to breathe. This place shines light into every area that was once so dark. His presence gives you a mirror to see yourself for who you were truly meant to be. It’s in this peaceful place where His presence offers one of the rarest gifts one can receive: safety. He extends His mighty hand ready to shake off the dust, the shame, the sickness. What a gift He has given to me and has waiting for you.

I may not always know or feel like I am saying or doing the right things but I press on because I do know the One whose power I boast of. I have promised to keep showing up even when my muscles are tired and the training is tough. His word tells me as long as I keep showing up ready to receive and willing to let Him lead, I will have all the energy I could need to complete the work He’s designed for me. His word repeatedly instructs me to not fear, to not be discouraged, to not be ashamed. His is my coach, I am His athlete. The challenge may be big, the defensive may be competitive but I play alongside the MVP of all therefore I press on confidently knowing His direction will not fail.

These truths, this transformation is possible for you my dear friend. This life was not designed to be experienced in a slumber. It was not intended to be a dark valley where all your secrets chain you from healing the sickness in your soul. Your heart was not made for chaos and calamity. Today, I am here to tell you that revival is possible - for anyone. I am living proof. It is possible to have breath restored to your soul. It is possible to have your heart beat with a peaceful rhythm. It is possible to regain all that has passed you by. There is still time. You have a choice and a chance to invite in His spirit to ignite life within your spirit.

It takes a simple surrender. Will that be easy - for many, no. Will it be uncomfortable - for many, yes. Will you want to quit - at times, possibly. It’s in these moments, I encourage you to reach out and look up. Fix your focus on the end result, fight for your breath and drive forward knowing that the effort will not be in vain.

Use my heart Lord, use my life. Let my voice be strong, let my pride be gone as I testify to the truth of who You are, what You are and whose we are. This is not a coincidence or stars coming into alignment - it’s Your plan for my life coming to pass. You have been prepping me for this exact moment in which I get to decide if I will take on the confidence like Caleb as You show me the land flowing with milk and honey. My eyes are fixed and focused on your promise. My heart is steadfast in your faithfulness.

Let all old ways of a grasshopper mentality be removed and replaced with a different spirit. I pray that as we enter into the new land, our eyes are blind to the giants. We will not be focused on what these giants can do but on what YOU will do in the midst of them. Use my voice to silence the grasshoppers like Caleb and let our confidence be contagious as we take a stand for what You wont do for those who call on the name of Jesus.

Let our actions be in alignment with your will. Let our words be bold in the assurance that You are the giant who possesses all. Let our stories encourage and edify others that their trauma does not have to the truth of their life. May we shake off the dust of darkness and despair and step into the beautiful coat of colors you have waiting for us. I pray we stand firmly as we testify to the truth of who You are, the power You have to make all things new. Let this revival ignite a fire among the land and restore Your lost children back into your glorious arms. Amen.