Based in Northern California, the fourth watch is a blog written by Tiffany filbert. Her posts are shared in the hope of heLping others to break the chains of shame, sickness and sorrow that keep them from confidently coming into the calling of the life god has waiting for them. there is freedom on the other side of sharing your story. There is restoration waiting in the surrendering.

Simple Salad

1 Serving (macros may vary slightly)

306 calories 

C: 26.5 grams

F: 9.3 grams 

P: 31.2 grams


  • 80 grams chicken breast 

  • 85 grams spinach 

  • 85 grams Shredded Carrots

  • 30 grams diced onion

  • 100 grams diced cucumber

  • 65 grams diced tomatoes 

  • 50 grams diced bell pepper 

  • 40 grams diced avocado


Chicken: The good news is you can prepare your chicken the way YOU want. Have fun with it: bake, pan fry, grill, air fry it, etc. You can shred the chicken, dice the chicken, chop the chicken. You can season it however you like (yes you read that right). I consistently mix up my seasonings. 

Spinach: Sometimes the amount of spinach can look overwhelming - it can be a lot for some. I like to use my hands to tear the spinach leaves apart or I will slice it up on a cutting board so it doesn’t feel so daunting to eat 

Carrots: I like to buy the bags that are already shredded for you

Bell Pepper and Onion: You can also buy these pre diced if you like  in some stores

Throw spinach in a large bowl and add all the other ingredients. Sprinkle Trader Joe’s Everything But Bagel Seasoning all over! Enjoy!

Strawberry Coconut Salad