Based in Northern California, the fourth watch is a blog written by Tiffany filbert. Her posts are shared in the hope of heLping others to break the chains of shame, sickness and sorrow that keep them from confidently coming into the calling of the life god has waiting for them. there is freedom on the other side of sharing your story. There is restoration waiting in the surrendering.

Summer Bowl 2.0

Summer Bowl 2.0


  • 90 grams chicken

  • 100 grams asparagus

  • 100 grams cucumber

  • 30 grams avocado

  • 85 grams carrots

  • 64 grams toasted lavash

  • 85 grams mixed greens

  • 10 grams turkey bacon


Cut lavash into small triangles that look like chips 

Place lavash into air fryer at 380 for 3-5 minutes - CHECK THEM ALONG THE WAY. Everyone likes a different level of crisp - I personally like extra crispy (You can lightly spray them if you want - I do and season them with pink salt) If you do not have an air fryer, you can place on cookie sheet in the oven

I roasted the asparagus with coconut oil spray

Top with pink salt, everything but bagel seasoning and hot sauce if you like! Enjoy


1 Serving (macros may vary slightly)

Calories: 397

Carbs: 39.2 grams

Fats: 10.8 grams

Protein: 44.4 grams


Summer Bowl 1.0

Summer Bowl 1.0